Translate Insights

18540486_mTranslating insights into new or enhanced services, business processes, and results is the critical step toward success. Insights gathered and best practices will lead to the development of roadmaps and business processes that are repeatable and sustainable. Business processes can be created and enhanced to incorporate customer insights into the product or tool development cycle, client support model, user interfaces, and operation workflows. In addition, during the “gathering insights” phase, an understanding of customer and employee challenges would have been determined. This feedback can be used to help devise a plan to transition customers and employees to a new service, tool, or process by creating the appropriate training and demonstrating how they will benefit from the changes. Finally, tracking and monitoring processes can be formulated to measure and improve results.



Product Development Cycle Enhancement

Incorporate the voice of the customer into the various product development phases to ensure customer satisfaction with the new or enhanced services

User Interfaces

Improve customer touch points such as client service, account management, website, product enrollment and many others through use of customer insights and feedback

Operation Workflows

Utilize customer feedback to develop and improve your internal processes

Transition Planning

Understand and address customer and employee challenges; demonstrate value propositions; develop and deliver appropriate training; track and monitor progress

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