Gather Insights

10702712_mWhat you are attempting to discover and when will determine the methodologies used to gather insights and feedback. Different techniques would be employed depending upon whether you are attempting to generate new product ideas or create an internal tool, learn how to enhance current product offerings, validate creating a new service or process, or for other purposes. In addition, tactics may vary depending upon the stage of product, system, or process development. Some of the methodologies used may include ethnography studies and persona creation, workflow review, usability studies, focus groups, customer panels, interviews, and other research tools.




Workflow Reviews

Examine customer and employee processes to unearth bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities as well as to determine best practices and sources of customer satisfaction

Ethnography Studies

Observe and interview customers in their own environment to gain a greater understanding of their “day-in-the-life” and uncover their underlying needs

User Testing

Evaluate proposed or existing products, services, tools, and processes by testing them on users through usability studies

Focus Groups, Customer Panels & Interviews

Obtain a deeper probe of customer feedback and discover first hand reactions to proposed ideas

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